CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Thank you to all the CoFED Sustainers

Our community continues to grow, as people share their passions and support something they love!

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Over the past month we’ve been inviting people like you to become a part of the CoFED community. We’ve asked them to become monthly sustainers, and one time donors, to support the work that we are doing from the ground up! It’s been an inspiring month! We’ve had support coming in from across the country, from old donors and new. It is this kind of support that makes it possible for us to work 450 students, host over 50 workshops, and work in 5 regions across North America! Although we have seen a great deal of success this past month there is always more that we can do. If you are inspired by our work and the want to become a part of our sustainer community we invite you to donate and you will soon see your name on a list like this one!   

Thank you to our every growing list of 2014 Sustainers:

1. Nichali Ciaccio

2. Emily Lippold Cheney

3. Anna Isaacs

4. Megan Svoboda

5. Taryn Orona

6. Emily Duma

7. Ann Sudduth

8. Sally and Mark Isaacs

9. Nadine Carter

10. Sonya Craft

11. Yonah Freemark

12. Alejandra and Matthew Siroka

13. Faiza Farah

14. Dani Amarant

15. Ari Gluck

16. Jane Kirschenbaum

17. Sunaree Marshall

18. Steve Ma

19. Paula Bard

20. Lauren Hauser

21. Ari Gluck

22. Solana Rice

23. Mildred Thompson

24. Ed Park

25. Adrian Rish

26. Victor Rubin

27. Michael Roberts

28. Tesa Callejo

29. Elli Nagai-Rothe

30. Eugene Chan

31. Chris Bazar

32. Kay Fernandez Smith

33. Sahiti Karempudi

34. Elana Alschuler

35. Alma Martinez

36. Katie Campbell

37. Ly Nguyen

38. Daniel Broid

39. Zen Trenholm  

40. Leslie Watson

41. Alyzza May

42. john zakelj

43. Angela Hadwin

44. Amanda Spector

45. Salin Geeverghese

46. Matthew Steele

47. Miriam Solis

48. Josh Kirschenbaum

49. Rafay Khalid

50. Robert Nelson

51. Matthew Epperson

52. Tara Desaigoudar

53. Jean Nagai

54. Sandra Lubarsky

55. Jack Sawyer

56. Amy Stevens

57. Ron Stief

58.  Eliza Hetterly

59. Yoni Landau

60. Tynan Power

61. Robert Berger

62. Celia Bard

63. Katie Vastola

64. Leslie Nelson

65. Talia Rozensher

66. Natalie Locke

67. Kevin Edburg

68. Judith Furash

69. O'Shaughnessy Sophie

70. Kari Hamerschlag

71. Thea Howard

72. Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar

73. James Dequattro

74. Jason Vincent

75. Laura Roeder

76. Claire Gilbert

77. Clara Baker

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