CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Summer Co-op Academy Application Guide

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General Info

Established in 2015, CoFED Summer Co-op Academy (SCA) is a weeklong transformative gathering and cooperative business boot camp for young folx seeking to learn more about food co-ops and gain critical skills in cooperative development and collective liberation. Folx graduate from SCA ready to take their social justice visions to the next level, with new tools, connections, and questions to lead with love.

Selection Criteria

We accept applications from teams of 2-3 and have limited spots for up to 6 teams. Your team should apply if:

  1. 2-3 members can attend the full program
  2. Everyone is age 18 or older

We seek a diverse cohort made up of strong teams and individuals. Successful team applicants will meet the following selection criteria:

  1. Represents and/or acts in solidarity with frontline communities
  2. Is committed to economic equity and anti-oppression
  3. Contributes to the diversity and curiosity of the cohort

Application Questions

There are 4 parts to the online application:

  1. Co-op/Team Profile
  2. Short Essays
  3. Team Member Profiles
  4. Financial Support

To successfully complete the application, please have the following information ready and draft your answers to the short essay questions in a word document before copy and pasting them into the online application. Required Information includes:

  1. How many team members are included in the application.
  2. Each team member’s:
    • Name, Email address, Phone number
  3. How your team plans to cover the cost of attendance, if accepted.
  4. Why does your team want to attend the Summer Co-op Academy?

Short Essay Questions:

  1. Please describe your food co-op or vision for one. 150 words max.
  2. Please tell us more about your team and each member included in the application. 300 words max.
  3. Are there any identities or life experiences you want to make us aware of, that are relevant to the work we are doing and the folx we are looking to uplift? (one answer for each team member.)
  4. Does your team represent and/or act in solidarity with frontline communities? 250 words max. A frontline community is one that directly and often disproportionately experiences social, environmental, political or economic inequities. CoFED seeks to lift up the leadership of frontline communities most affected by food insecurity, climate injustice, and oppression.
  5. Has your team been committed to economically equitable and anti-oppressive co-operative development? If so, then how? If not, why? 250 words max.
  6. How would your team contribute to the diversity of the cohort? 250 words max.
  7. Would your team be down to facilitate any workshops/activities? If yes, what do you have in mind? 250 words max. Facilitating a workshop/activity is not required. We just want to give y'all a chance to teach what you know as we'll be (un)learning together.
  8. Are there any particular workshops you would like to see offered?


Good luck! 


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