CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Apply for Summer Co-op Academy 2018!

Applications for CoFED's Summer Co-op Academy are now open -- the deadline to apply is April 6, 2018. Summer Co-op Academy(SCA) is a cooperative business bootcamp for collective liberation and transformation. Open to all youth ages 18-30, SCA provides actionable assistance to folks looking to bring generative and cooperative food sources to their communities. Participants will build power with other young people who are divesting from extractive economies and reinvesting in local, democratic, and equitable food solutions that benefit people and the planet. Our unique curriculum is tailored to each cohort, emphasizing the anti-oppressive frameworks and economic equity necessary for truly liberatory cooperative development.

Sound interesting? Last year’s cohort thought so as well: 

“I loved hearing the stories & power of all these amazing folx, and just having the space to connect and grow with each other.” -- 2017 SCA participant
“It was a little painful, but it left me with a lot to be grateful for.” -- 2017 SCA participant
“Incredible. Unforgettable. Transformative. Powerful.” -- 2017 SCA participant
sca_2017.jpgCoFED's 2017 SCA cohort!

The ideals of food sovereignty, anti-oppression and sustainability are nothing without our communities to uphold them. As our movements continue to rise, and we do the hard work of self-reflection, CoFED offers a hub of learning (and unlearning), a place to gather the tools our people need to thrive. Whether you need help with a cooperative business plan, anti-oppression trainings for your co-op, or 10 tons of vibranium for the revolution, we’re here to help.

Learn more about the Summer Co-op Academy, scholarships, and application details here. 


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