CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Rose City Coffee Co-op

Earlham College

Richmond, Indiana

Rose City Coffee Co-op was started by Earlham students who were inspired by Guilford College’s student-run coffee shop. This coffee shop is completely volunteer run and organized. There are about 40 members of the coop and 7 committees, which each committee has a “convener”. Members work one to two 2 hour shifts every week, serve on one committee, and attend a monthly general membership meeting. Members get a free drink for each shift they work plus 25% off anything they buy while they’re off shift. Earlham is a small Quaker liberal arts school, with about 1120 students. Rose City’s mission is:

  • To be an environmentally and socially responsible coffee non-profit co-op, able to provide coffee, tea and (possibly in the future) pastries to the students, faculty, and staff of Earlham College, as well as the wider Richmond community.
  • To be a place to display Earlham community artwork, available for all of the community, year round, to display artwork and other expressions of self.
  • To be an inclusive intellectual space on campus, to encourage students and faculty of Earlham College to mingle in a comfortable environment for both parties.
  • To be a meeting place for groups involved in student activism of all kinds, to empower students in creating change in Earlham, the Richmond community and the World.
  • To be an entirely student run, non-hierarchical, diverse, consensus based, and sustainable program on Earlham campus.

Watch the ALPHA MALES at Earlham College Rose City Coffee Co-op: