CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Packing our bags and headed to NASCO!

CoFED staffers - Yahya Alazrak, Ruby Levine, Anna Isaacs, and Farzana Serang - can't wait for the NASCO Institute this year! CoFED's work is at the heart of food justice and cooperatives, and so we are especially excited about this year's theme, "A Fire in Our Bellies".

Why can't it just hurry up and be November 1st already!?


Our mouths are watering at the course listings. We're already working on cloning ourselves so that we can go to all the workshops. We'll definitely be trying to make it over to the "Applied Anti­-Oppression: Food Justice, Food Security, & Food Sovereignty" track, as well as the "Reclaiming What is Ours - Alternative Systems for Feeding Our Communities track". Keep an eye out for us at those! 

CoFED staff are also honored to facilitate our own day-long intensive, "Growing Student Food Cooperatives - Visioning and Building an Alternative Food System" on Saturday November 2nd, as a part of NASCO's Cooperative Development Track. We will build an interactive space where participants can grow their visions and plan to shift their own university context towards a viable, community-scale food system. In our sessions, you will hear from representatives from The Flaming Eggplant CafeThe Second Kitchen, and Rose City Coffee Coop - youth-led food coops from different regions across the United States. We hope you leave the session equipped with a road map for starting and improving your own coops, and inspired by the solidarity network we will build to continue supporting this work once we return home! 

Hope to see you there! 

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