CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Meet CoFED's new Intern, Brian Clement

Every year we hire a handful of interns who are looking to learn more about food and the cooperative world. We create an opportunity for them to explore these interests, make connections, and gain skills. This new year Lauryl will be working with Brian Clement to organize the Northeast Spring Student Cooperative Convergence!   


Brian is a former co-manager of the People's Market at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where they gained experience in dialogue facilitation, purchasing, hiring, event planning and more. Brian is enthused to work alongside Lauryl to coordinate the Spring 2014 Northeast Student Cooperative Convergence. In their free time, Brian likes to write letters, make collage art, and cook.

Want to learn more about the Northeast Students Cooperative Convergence? Check out their facebook page and keep an eye out for a blog post about it coming soon! 

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