CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

CoFED's Co-Director on Synergy Airwaves - Food Justice, Summer Co-op Academy, & the Racial Justice Fellowship

Synergy Airwaves is a new podcast series about the social justice movement. MD Spicer-Sitzes and Cathy Spicer-Sitzes, its cohosts and producers, recently invited Hnin W. Hnin, CoFED's Co-Director and mastermind behind the Summer Co-op Academy and Racial Justice Fellowship, to join them for a conversation about the food justice movement and co-ops!

Listen to the podcast here.


Hnin shares some of the thinking and motivation that went into developing curriculum for this year's Co-op Academy and Racial Justice Fellowship programs and provides a lot of insight into her experiences working to advance food justice. She shares how her background as a working class immigrant grounds her commitment to food and racial justice and the cooperative movement and what she believes the student food cooperative movement is capable of in moving social justice forward in this political moment. Give it a listen here.

For some great details about the Summer Co-op Academy (formerly known as the "Summer Institute"), fast forward to minute 23:00 to hear Hnin break down what's in store for those who attend it this year!


Learn more about the Summer Co-op Academy or Racial Justice Fellowship here.

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