CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Fundraising, CoFED Style!

Last Saturday a group of CoFED friends and supporters gathered in, CoFED board member, Michael Roberts beautiful backyard. The evening was filled with delicious local food, good conversations and live music!  


When I say delicious local food, I really mean it! The Berkeley Student Food Collective (BSFC) catered , bringing a wonderful white bean stew, salad with fresh basil, their very popular tomato hummus, local olives and fresh bread! Our wonderful hosts, Michael and Dani Amarant, fed the meat eaters among us with local grass fed pork killed by a mountain lion teaching her baby how to hunt on the fields of Pie Ranch

After enjoying the delicious food Danny Spitzberg, Co-Director of CoFED, Gwen von Klan, General Manager of the BSFC and Matthew Kirschenbaum, Outreach Coordinator for the BSFC took a few moments to share some of their stories. They spoke about the Berkeley Student Food Collective's history and future planes. They explained how CoFED's work prepares college students to enter into the new economy and why cooperatives are so important for its development. And they talked about what inspires them to work with students and food. In the fading light of our afternoon soirée, Danny asked those of us gathered to remember a moment from our youth when we were inspired, when we felt like we were a part of a movement. What resulted from his question was a beautiful moment of silence, as we collectively cast our minds back to another place and time.      

The smell of rich butter returned us to the cooling back yard, as Michael thanked us all for coming and presented a few final treats; a delicious peach cobbler, key lime pie, and gluten free chocolate chip cookies!

The CoFED Team would like to thank everyone who came out and supported this event, especially Michael Roberts and Dany Amarant for hosting. 

We would also like to give a very special thanks to all those people who gave!

Michell Lee
Andrew Duffy
Mayuri Ganupuru
Vipul Gupta 
Ragini Mathur
Kwame and Kristi Peters-Hoyte
Janneker Petersen 
Sid Feygin
Max Klein

Thank you for your generous gifts! 


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