CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Why I Gave to CoFED - Didi Xie

We're asking friends, family, supporters, mentors and colleagues why they donate their time and money to CoFED. 

Didi Xie volunteered as a webmaster for the first two years of CoFED. Now she's a student at Harvard studying Environmental Science. Read why she gave her time and money to CoFED.  



Screen_shot_2013-04-22_at_6.28.11_PM.png“I think CoFED is a wonderful opportunity for students to work toward something that can really revolutionize how we eat, how we work, and help the environment -- all at the same time! I have worked with CoFED in the past, and I think the people are spectacular: they are dedicated, brilliant, and creative problem solvers who create something that I think is artsy, innovative, and smart. I would definitely encourage people to come work with CoFED if they get a chance because it is a great learning opportunity, in many respects, or to come to one of the retreats, if for anything, just for the experience!”

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