CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Share a Recipe that's Meaningful to You and Win!


In the words of Saqib Keval of The People’s Kitchen:

“Collectively cooking and sharing food is sanctified and celebrated community work in many cultures. With the passage of time, systems of imperialism--including capitalism and gentrification--have turned cooking into an inaccessible burden… This also restricts our ability to share cultures, space, struggles, and solidarity.” 


Food not only sustains us, but brings us together and represents our shared identities, cultures, and sense of place. It is intrinsically tied to our collective experience. Because of this, we are creating a cookbook called "The Foods that Bind," which will showcase recipes submitted by YOU. Some of the recipes will be shared on social media and the cookbook will be available for free in PDF form in July!

Will you join us by sending one recipe that represents your co-op, organization, or household? There are ZERO rules or guidelines. Your recipe will be a piece of CoFED’s collective identity, made up of all of us.  

To sweeten the deal, all who send a recipe will be eligible to win an old-school co-op newspaper. You can enjoy reading about the happs from co-ops in the ‘80s! There’s even the occasional handlebar mustache. Winners will be announced June 22nd!






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