CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Co-cycle rides again!

Co-cycle is gearing up for another cross country bike tour this summer from Seattle to Boston and looking for new members to join a team of 15 cyclists. Members will learn about cooperatives and gain first hand experience as they become members of the Co-Cycle collective! 

Megan Meo, a former CoFED Northeast Regional Organizer, asked us to share this very exciting opportunity and there was no way we could say no. I mean, who doesn't like co-ops and cross country bike tours?  

Here it is, in her own words

"Co-cycle offeres riders an intensive experience in cooperative living and experiential education. While visiting many types of cooperatives and collectives, you will gain skills as a facilitator, leader, and organizer all while seeing the sunrise in the many bustling cities and quaint towns across the country. Not to mention you acquire the ability to bend steel with you calf muscles alone."

Not only will you gain skills from visiting cooperatives and collectives but as a participant you will also be members of the Co-cycle collective, meaning that you will gain first hand experience in collective decision making, communications and meeting facilitation (I know she mentioned that, but it's worth repeating). 

Interested in joining? You can apply here. Applications are due April 8th

and if you have any questiones feel free to email Megan at [email protected]
Also, Megan askes that you share this information with anyone who's interested! Posting on facebook/ twitter is greatly appreciated! Feel free to use her quote, or any of the photos! 


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