CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Zach Zeilman on CoFED Student Team Memberships

Zach Zeilman, CoFED Student Board Member, Northeast Representative

"Only with a crew can you win a regatta and only with the motivated, brilliant individuals and student teams that comprise CoFED can you build an international student movement..."


CoFED Student Team, Memberships Available Now!

In the month of June, CoFED staff and student Board members are hosting a membership drive in order to build student membership in the organization! Many of our staff members are recent grads from the very teams they now serve, and our student Board members are working in the teams that are part of the network. Together, they are attempting to serve their regions as facilitators of solidarity and support networks. They want CoFED’s foundation to be built from and for member teams! Your teams’ buy-in ensures that CoFED will be a member and movement driven organization! Our goal is to obtain membership pledges from 10 teams by June 30th for the 2013-2014 school year.


Learn by Doing

Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo has a remarkable teaching philosophy: "learn by doing." It's a philosophy that resonates strongly with us here at CoFED because it does not stress the final product, but rather the process that takes you there. It gives value to experiences over the static collection of knowledge. A group of students have taken this philosophy to heart and are challenging their administration to do so as well.


Locavore Cafe, the only food co-op in Alabama!

At Auburn University in Alabama, a group of students are challenging their school and community to think critically about food. They call their co-op Locavore Cafe, and for the past 2 years they have been fighting their administration for a place on campus. 


Meet our new intern!

Megan Delvin is an amazing lady! Not only is she our event planning intern this summer, but she also has a Communications Fellowship in San Francisco through which she will be working with Meals on Wheels. Read her bio (written by the lady herself) and be prepared to be blown away by! 


To our community, thank you!

Over the past month we raised $27,500 from 220 people! Your commitment to this work is inspiring. We're grateful to be a part of this amazing community fighting for a better world! We could not do the work we do without each and everyone of you, whether you contribute your time or your money, it's your commitment and passion that drives us. Thank you!


Birthdays & Feasts

Food for Thought Café, at Portland State University, celebrated its 10th Anniversary last Friday! At the same time, students at the University of Washington gathered for a Humble Feast. 


We got 50 new donors in 96 hours, and $5k!

We got 50 new donors in 96 hours! Let's celebrate, time for a CoFED party!  



The Crisi-tunity! 96 Hours, 50 donors, $5,000. Ends Friday!

On Monday, the 11th Hour Project sprung a 96-hour challenge on CoFED.

They challenged us to get 50 new donors by Friday in order to snag $5,000 of grant money to support the next generation of folks creating a people-centered economy and sustainable food system. The challenge launched at the same time as our brand-spanking-new animated financial management video.


Why I Gave to CoFED ~ Hannah Wolfe

We're asking friends, family, supporters, mentors and colleagues why they donate their time and money to CoFED. 

Hannah Wolfe was CoFED's 1st new donor in our #50donors96hours campaign. She works with the Real Food Challenge and the Food Recovery Network. Read why she gave to CoFED.  


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