CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Growing Power, Coop Fest Milwaukee, and Real Food Rising

I had an amazing weekend learning about local sustainable food and cooperatives! So, you know, the best kind of weekend. Here's a rundown of what happened:

Growing Power

If you're not familiar with Growing Power, take a minute and browse their website. Food justice, intensive growing methods, bio-mimicry, working in a food desert... Growing Power's got it all. I was extremely fortunate that the day I happened to be in Milwaukee was, by complete coincidence, the one day in October that Will Allen, the founder and visionary of Growing Power, gives the tour personally.

 Will Allen and fish



Early Bird Registration for NASCO Institute ends Thursday

Did you know that the 2013 NASCO Institute is themed "A Fire in Our Bellies: Food Justice and Cooperatives"?

Did you know that the NASCO Institute is a decades old gathering of coop-involved students from around the country, and that this year it's November 1-3 in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Did you know that, this year, CoFED is a co-sponsor of this amazing event, and that three of our Regional Organizers will be leading a track of workshops?

Did you know that priority registration and scholarship applications end on Thursday 10/10? You can save $50 if you register now, plus you may be able to access a scholarship.

 Did you know this is a really sweet poster?


First Road Trip Update

So I (Yahya) started the first little bit of what will be a month of roadtrippin' with Lauryl.

I left Greensboro on Thursday, driving deeper and deeper into the heart of the south. The stillness of the landscape, almost as a witness to the histories (sic) here, of pain and subjugation, resistance, survival, and a quiet anticipation of hope. There were many deep breaths, and many hours of windshield mind sorts of meditation. 


Meet the Regional Organizer Fellows!

One week until our fellowship begins! Across the county five young cooperative leaders are gearing up for a year long adventure. Each of them has a distinctive set of skills that qualify them to work with college students, of all ages and backgrounds, as they organize cooperative food ventures on their campuses. Some have worked in well-established college coops, others have worked to build their own food enterprises and some come from nationally recognized non-profits. Some faces you will recognize, some you will know, others will be new. But each one is amazing and here for you! Are you ready? Meet CoFED's first ever Regional Organizer Fellows!  


6 days until the beginning of CoFED's Fellowship!

CoFED unites people who believe in a better future through cooperatives, sustainable food and agriculture, as well as student empowerment. We work to train, connect, and inspiregize college students to start and improve student-run food cooperatives. This fulfilling and challenging work could not be done without the commitment and passions of a stellar group of individuals - our Regional Organizers.


Co-Cycle stops by Food for Thought in Portland, OR!

Co-Cycle began their 2013 summer tour in early June. They started down the West coast from Seattle, winding their way down to Portland, Oregon where Michelle Weeks and Charlotte Cadieux stopped by Food For Thought at Portland State University to chat with collective members Thom Ericksn and Travis West.


A Letter from Yoni Landau

CoFED family and friends, I am writing to you today to share some important news.


Meet one of our newest workers!

Meet Rebecca Cariati, CoFED's Interim Program Developer: Food Access and Job Training!


Meet our new intern, Anthony!

Discovering a love of food through the Bay Area’s farmers, producers, markets, and restaurants, Anthony’s goal is to spread his culinary passion to others.


Clara Baker on the benefits of networks and CoFED membership

"Everything I've learned about co-ops and starting a co-op I learned from other co-ops and co-opers."


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