CoFED partners with young people of color from poor and working-class backgrounds to build food and land co-ops.

Apps Due 4/6 for Racial Justice Fellowship & Summer Co-op Academy

What's your wildest dream for advancing anti-oppression and community ownership in the U.S. food system? Build it with our Racial Justice Fellowship and/or skills you’ll learn from our week-long Summer Co-op Academy.

Apply by Friday, April 6th for the:

Our movements for economic and racial justice need your passion and skills! We’re guessing you became part of CoFED's community because you believe that the type of social change needed right now is not going to come from mainstream political institutions or rich, famous people with accumulated power and wealth. You know it’s gotta come from the grassroots… from our communities, collaborating under the leadership of those most directly impacted by the injustices of capitalism, racism, and systemic oppression. And who says you gotta be an activist? You don’t need to be "Twitter famous," win at co-op trivia, or have pre-established 'credibility' on co-ops or food justice to apply. You just need a vision for a better community. Your vision, big or small, is enough validation to apply :)

Alright, but why community-owned food and cooperatives?

  • In 2015, colleges spent over $16 billion dollars on food. Most of that money went into the pockets of mega-corporations that exploit workers, communities, and living ecosystems.
  • Just three corporations control 90 percent of dining service contracts at colleges and universities.
  • In 2015, they pulled in a total of $3.74 billion in profits while 1 in 5 students experienced food insecurity. Community-owned food systems, however, have been a stronghold of community empowerment, self-determination, and economic resiliency. Usually formed in response to a lack of quality food or reasonable prices for such food, CoFED co-ops promote health, wealth, and dignity for all those involved in the food system.

Down to take your next step in the food justice movement? Learn more about our programs and apply by
Friday, April 6th for the:

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