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Regional Organizer

Yahya Alazrak spent 4 years being a part of the Greenleaf Coffee Cooperative at Guilford College. At his core Yahya cares about people and creating a more just, equitable, and awesome world. Using the skills he's gleaned in the shop, in his Community and Justice classes, as a student body president, as a Quaker, and as an IWW member, he is eager to spread his love and knowledge about organizing cooperatively on college campuses. He sees food cooperatives at the intersection of multiple struggles, and as both a process of resistance and creation as well as a product of collective vision. Organizing regional solidarity in the mid-atlantic and (hopefully) the south east is nothing short of exactly what he wants to be doing right now.


Yahya's Skillmap:

  • Facilitation
    • Small Group Meetings
    • Large Groups
    • Consensus
    • Clerking (Quaker tradition)
  • Effective groups
    • group dynamics
    • strategic planning
      • swot
      • smart
      • visioning
    • committees
      • structure
      • autonomy
      • accountability
    • decision making processes
      • consensus
      • committee
      • supermajority
      • nesting councils
      • spokes wheels
  • Food Business Skills
    • ordering
    • basic accounting
    • price setting
    • scheduling
    • customer service
    • coffee expert
      • make all the yummy drinks
      • espresso machine maintenance
  • Organizational skills
    • basic event planning
    • basic fundraising
  • Working with school administrations
    • making cases to other students and administrators
    • navigating campuses bureaucracy
    • getting class credit
    • research writing
  • Labor and coop history training
  • Anti-oppression training
  • Media training
    • film production and post-production
      • final cut pro (not X)
      • shooting
      • lighting
    • audio recording and post-production
      • audacity
      • other programs probs
      • PSAs for Radio
    • graphic design
      • photoshop
      • in design
      • diy



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Regional Organizer

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