CoFED inspiregizes future food co-op leaders across North America. We support students with training and tools, and connect them with peers, mentors, and allies in a solidarity network.

Working Team


Anna Isaacs, Co-Director -

Email Anna about development, operations and employment opportunities.

Anna has been working in and developing cooperatives for 8 years. She is passionate about systems that build power and enable communities to have agency over making some of the most important economic and political decisions for themselves. Her experience started as a worker-member of the student-run restaurant, The Flaming Eggplant Cafe. She also traveled to Venezuela to research and work in CECOSESOLA, a cross-sector association of 80 cooperatives that serve 55,000 families weekly. Before coming to CoFED, she worked with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center doing business and financial feasibility planning for a cooperatively-owned food processing facility.

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Anna made her way to the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington where she studied Economic Development, and has since moved to Sunny California where she resides today. 


Hnin W. Hnin, Co-Director -

Email Hnin about programs, partnerships and speaking opportunities.

Hnin brings to CoFED over 12 years of experience in social justice, solidarity economy, and collective liberation work. Their approach to cooperative development is informed by the ancestors, mother earth, and a multidisciplinary analysis that forefronts race, class, and gender. They are called to heal, love, and educate for social change. They live in the "yes, and", within the questions, and in between the no longer and the not yet. Before CoFED, Hnin worked with World Learning as a human rights educator and with Slow Food USA and ROC United building power to transform the food system. They hold a BA in Political Economy, with a concentration in International Studies, from Williams College.

Hnin lives in New York City with their partner Sunny. They were born in Burma and raised in Brooklyn. If you visit, they'll cook you vegan Burmese food. 


Maria Myotte, Communications Manager -

Email Maria about all media and communications inquiries.

Maria has been working as an organizer and communications strategist in the food, worker's rights and environmental movements for several years. A Brooklyn transplant from the Colorado front-range, she has helped manage one of the largest organic community-supported agriculture programs in the country, won numerous environmental campaigns as the Staff Director for a local chapter of Clean Water Action, and helped restaurant workers' rights become part of the national conversation about food and labor through her work at ROC United. Today, she provides progressive organizations with strategic communications support to win campaigns and build power.

Maria holds a Political Science and English B.A. from Colorado State University. Her writing has appeared in Salon, TakePart, Alternet, Yahoo! and several progressive publications. She is a science and science fiction enthusiast, aspiring owner of a sprawling animal sanctuary, and enjoys comedy and independent film. 


Amanda Marple, Grad Research Affiliate

Amanda is a Geography Masters student at West Virginia University. Her involvement with FIRSTHAND Cooperative for the last four years sparked her interested in pursuing a Masters focusing on student cooperative development within university spaces. Her research aims to explore the ways in which student co-ops navigate the institutional context of the ‘corporate university’, how they decide to and eventually develop into cooperative businesses with various actors vying for control the of food on campus, and what they’re doing to change the ‘foodscape’ of their universities.   

Amanda has had the amazing opportunity to work with CoFED over the last year and is extremely excited and appreciative of the support she’s received from the team. By analysing the current landscape of student food cooperatives within a corporate university environment, she hopes her work will benefit current and future student cooperative development on campuses across the US and beyond.


Rhiannon Wright, Co-op Cultivators Fellow
Rhiannon is a senior Community Development undergrad at Temple University in Philadelphia. She aims to gain a well-rounded education centered around economic and cultural empowerment for communities, focusing her independent research in development theory, local knowledge systems, and food sovereignty. Her professional and academic passions are fueled by interest in cultural and economic cooperation and the desire to preserve, legitimize, and uplift equitable self-determined communities.

During her time at Temple, she has collaborated as a co-owner of Philadelphia’s only student-run co-op, The Rad Dish Co-Op Cafe, with a focus in cooperative governance. Post-graduation, she hopes to participate in service work before returning to school to obtain a graduate degree in human geography. 


Chelsy Napoles, Summer Academy Volunteer

Chelsy does it all! She is a mother of 2 boys, a life coach and home organizer, and Arbonne healthy living consultant.

From her experience of being a mom and having children, as well as being raised through grade school on food stamps herself, Chelsy has become passionate about healthy communities for everyone and access to healthy affordable foods. She is very excited and grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with CoFED in creating that. (and CoFED is grateful for her too!)