CoFED inspiregizes future food co-op leaders across North America. We support students with training and tools, and connect them with peers, mentors, and allies in a solidarity network.


CoFED develops and curates resources for student-run food coops. On this page you can find:

  • CoFED videos and guides
  • Information on The Commons, the CoFED network's shared resource database


CoFED Videos

5 Elements to Support Growth: For start-up & scale-up coops


Student Leadership Development Model


Financial Management for Food Businesses


CoFED Guides

How to Start a Student-run Food Coop       How to Improve your Operating Coop 

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Guide to Creating a Pilot Project                 Guide & Recipes for Sustainable Meat 

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 The Commons

The Commons is a shared resource database curated by CoFED staff and contributed to by students from the CoFED network. It offers us the base of resources that we work with, from examples of policies and procedures to business plan templates and financial bookkeeping best practices. If you would like to contribute to The Commons or use some of the amazing resources, get in touch with CoFED Field Staff or