CoFED inspiregizes future food co-op leaders across North America. We support students with training and tools, and connect them with peers, mentors, and allies in a solidarity network.

Regional Organizer

Ruby Levine lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While attending Macalester College, she got involved with the founding of Grand Aspirations. Working with Grand Aspirations and local community partner Cooperative Energy Futures for five years, she developed skills in facilitation and group process management, development of green economy ventures, empowerment and development of young people ages 14-30, and long-distance collaboration and support. She led the Twin Cities Summer of Solutions program for four years, building partnerships with food and farming organizations like YouthFarm and YEA Corps among others. She supported the Middleton, Wisconsin and Iowa City, Iowa Summer of Solutions programs to launch and empower young people around sustainability projects. In her free time, Ruby enjoys baking, carving wooden spoons, playing board games, hosting bar trivia, and planning elaborate birthday parties. A Midwestern transplant, Ruby is originally from Montpelier, Vermont.


Ruby's Skillmap:

  • Group process skills
    • meeting facilitation
    • workshop facilitation
    • large visioning and re-visioning processes
    • conference call facilitation
    • 2 years of experience in supporting small groups of young people to accomplish big goals through a long-distance support relationship
  • Leadership Development Training
    • training and training-the-trainers experience
    • training development/lesson planning
  • Business skills
    • basic nonprofit accounting knowledge
  • Fundraising skills
    • grant writing and grant editing experience
    • hosting creative fundraisers -- in the past, hosted a bike scavenger hunt fundraiser, several dinner fundraisers, and Power Beard
    • experienced in writing good fundraising request letters to individuals and businesses
  • Event planning skills
    • agenda development and facilitation (and coordinating other people to lead sessions)
    • logistics planning and management
    • food procurement and cooking
    • travel coordination
    • budget management
    • finding and coordinating with spaces
  • Knowledgeable about social justice issues (racism, classism, sexism, etc) and methods for responding to injustice on a variety of levels
  • Well connected to the urban farming movement nationally, particularly with youth



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