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Food Cart/Food Truck Research Internship - Past Deadline

Students starting and running cooperative, sustainable food businesses on university campuses face many unique challenges. Especially challenging for many students is the understanding of financial issues in order to make their venture both feasible and viable. Because there are very few resources available to students operating businesses in a campus community context, CoFED seeks an intern who is interested in bridging this gap.

We believe food carts and food trucks may offer the most impact for the least up-front investment. The intern will research and develop a guidebook for business model planning around sustainable, cooperative food truck/cart businesses. We would like the resources produced to include template business models including financial projections and instructions to help students use the materials. The food truck and food cart templates will describe basic financial and operational assumptions for student-run ventures, based on our existing resources from CoFED and other organizations, interviews with businesses and associations, etc. Finally, we are eager for the intern to add their own creative direction to the project (a workshop? animated video? let’s discuss!).

Expected Hours
Approximately 10 hours per week for two months or until the project is completed; weekly schedule flexible

$800 with potential for stipends for professional development.


  • Conduct interviews, surveys, case studies, and other research with food truck/cart businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Compile a directory of relevant resources from CoFED, various food truck/cart associations, etc
  • Synthesize research and resources to create a practical guidebook to help students start their own food truck/cart 
  • Create curriculum and instruction for students to fit their particular context and market data
  • Create financial projections for start-up and operations
  • Communicate with CoFED staff as necessary for collaboration


  • Experience in business and financial planning preferred
  • Knowledge of food business operations preferred
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Experience with GoogleDocs, Excel, etc.
  • Interest in sustainable food movements, cooperative movements and/or sustainable and alternative business.
  • Students/recent graduates in the Bay Area will be given preference.
  • Ability and willingness to take initiative, learn by doing, work independently, and intuit responsibilities
  • Self-organized and attention to detail


  • References, recommendations and referrals for exemplary work
  • Free admission to CoFED events and stipends to attend relevant food conferences, food events and/or dinner parties
  • Networking opportunities with influential movers and shakers in the food movement
  • Experience working with a small team in a fast-paced, professional environment where your ideas and input are valued
  • Professional support and connections through our advisers and partnering organizations

Deadline to apply: May 10th - past deadline 

To apply, please tell us about your experience, skills, and vision for the movement using the form below




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