CoFED inspiregizes future food co-op leaders across North America. We support students with training and tools, and connect them with peers, mentors, and allies in a solidarity network.

We got 50 new donors in 96 hours, and $5k!

We got 50 new donors in 96 hours! Let's celebrate, time for a CoFED party!  



Thank you to all the new donors who gave to CoFED in the last 96 hours. A big thank to all the old donors who asked friends to give. And thank you to all the family members who took this opportunity to learn more about CoFED. We reached our goal and wil receive an additional $5k (wootwoot!), but this is not the end. 

If we get $20,000 from 200 people before May 13th 11th Hour Project will make another very generous matched donation, this time for $20,000. There are only 17 days left and we're well on our way, but we still need 132 donors and $11,215. 

Listed below are all the awesome people who have already given. To get your name added to this list of rock stars give today! 

  1. Ben Peters
  2. Max Klein 
  3. Julia Clark
  4. Ron Patiro 
  5. Michelle Le
  6. Andrew Duffy
  7. Lou Kosak
  8. Mayuri Ganupuru
  9. Kwame and Kristi Peters-Hoyte
  10. Dave Room
  11. Sheila Svoboda
  12. Gladys Thatcher
  13. Paige Weber
  14. Zachary Zeilman 
  15. Hannah Wolfe
  16. Clara Baker
  17. Brent Dixon
  18. Andrea Nilsen
  19. Didi Xie
  20. Kevin Kurth
  21. Denise Wymore
  22. Nichali Ciaccio
  23. Christa Essig
  24. Daniel Bowman Simon
  25. Katherine Heller
  26. Jesse Clark
  27. Rose Roberts
  28. Frank Chi
  29. Darcy Shiber-Knowles
  30. Krischelle Love
  31. Diana Erskine
  32. Jennifer Stuhr
  33. Megan Lowry
  34. Charles Kaplan
  35. Louis Kaminski 
  36. Dani Lee
  37. Leslie Watson 
  38. Lily Szajnberg
  39. Elizabeth Thorman
  40. Courtney Hull
  41. James Marshall
  42. Sally & Mark Isaacs
  43. Robert Nelson
  44. Damien Grose 
  45. Luis Sierra
  46. Steve Gisselman
  47. Jo Treitman 
  48. Farzana Serang
  49. Abraham Svoboda
  50. Cassandra Johnson 
  51. Chad Maglaque
  52. Cynthia Scott
  53. Janelle Orsi 
  54. Jenney Rempel
  55. Ricardo Nunez
  56. Becky Michelson 
  57. Cameron Holland
  58. Mary Steele 
  59. Cheryl Franz
  60. Joel Kopischke
  61. Carole Shiber 
  62. Dan Emery
  63. Miriam Limon 
  64. Marybeth Brown
  65. Steven Goldberg
  66. Ashley McPhail 
  67. Jake Schlachter
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